Yak hair

The Yak is found in bovine animals although it is very different from common cattle is much more stocky and robust as well as having a double coat rough and coarse and fine outside in and allows it to withstand temperatures less rigid 45 ° C.
Its habitat and along the Himalayan chain from Kashmir to Tibet, where some still live in the wild
It is estimated that the breed domestic accounts approximately 13 million head from which the Himalayan people derive maximum benefit is using them as animals (bear loads of over 100 kg) and for work in the fields as well as to provide meat and milk from which are used to produce butter of Tibet that loose tea is obtained in a very rich energy drinks rich in fats and proteins, or used as a candle
The hair and used locally to produce felts, carpets, curtains, blankets, ropes
The fine undercoat comes off in the spring, and varies from 18 to 24my with 35/40mm long. Unfortunately finds little use because the color is more dark brown.