Cotton is by far the most important fibre and represents approximately 50% of world production. In all likelihood, wool and flax were the first to be used while in the valley of the Indus in Pakistan were found cotton capsules dated to 9000 BC . Archaeologists have found fragments of woven Mexican, Pakistani, Peruvian cotton  dating from 3500 to 1200 BC. The origins according to the Sanskrit literature of 1500 BC and Herodotus in 445 a.C. to go back to India. in the Middle Ages the Arabs spread throughout the Mediterranean basin and the cotton industry was developed  in Great Britain as from 1600.  Intensive production began in the 17th century in the United States,  in the 18th century in Brazil and in 1821, in  the Khedive in Egypt The fineness varies from 12 to 20my with lengths from 20mm to less 35mm. The best quality types are Sea Island, Giza 45, Isi, Pima and Tanguis.