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16/4/1920 first meeting of the Biella Association of Representatives and Merchants of Textile Raw Materials - president Silvio Reda, Chief Executive Guglielmo Ferrarone, Assistant Chief Executive Faustino Gremmo. Councillors Riccardo Buratti-Rodolfo Gilardino-Giuseppe Barbera-Carlo Bignami-Francesco Borsano-Leopoldo Halenke-Vincenzo Pozzo-GB Tittoni. Revisors Giuseppe Ceria-Emilio Cerruti-Severino Sella - total members 64

1928 Dr Giuseppe Pella nominated Chief Executive
1929 World financial crisis
1935 Renamed Fascist Federation of Representatives and Merchants of Textile Raw Materials
1939/45 Second World War
1945 Renamed Biella Association of Wool Commerce, under the leadership of Giovanni Olivieri
1947 Dr Giuseppe Pella left his post and became prime minister of Italy.
Replaced by Avv. Piero Mecco
1947 Renamed the National Association of Wool Commerce
1951 Korean war - Greater efforts were required in the following years to support an ever more
demanding industry, converting previously what were greasy sales into top sales.in the
same period national traders began to lose their dominating role
1952 Romualdo Ferrarone nominated president
1956 Dr Giovanni Schneider nominated president
1960 Rodolfo Caroccio nominated president
1966 A Directive commitee took over the presidency, made up of Giovanni Gremmo,
Carlo Greppi and Alfredo Trombetta
1968 Avv. Mecco was replaced by Dr paolo Tavolaccini
1970 Giovanni Gremmo nominated president
1974 Introduction of Floor price scheme by Australian Wool Corporation.
The President, together with the local banking system, combers and the Biella
Conditioning House, arranged for wool stocks to be held in Biella.
1975 Giuseppe Giraudi nominated president
1980 Guglielmo Bertero nominated president
1984 Eugenio Scola nominated president
1989 Collapse of the Soviet Union and enormous reduction in it's wool purchases, to be
replaced and overtaken by China in the following decade
1990 Elimination of the Floor Price which indirectly had created a stockpile of only one billion
kilos of australian wool, causing widespread grief through all sectors of the wool industry
2001 Beginning of major crises to hit the Italian wool industry due to many factors, stock
market bubble burst - 11/9/2001 – no wool promotion , increasing growth of cheaper
textiles from
Asia, textile delocation to eastern europe.
2006 Increasing demand for top quality cloth and yarns help the restructured Italian wool textile
industry to push into emerging markets, and wool shows signs of becoming fashionable
2008  Piercarlo Zedda nominated president
2012  Mario Ferrerati Ferrarone nominated president
2016  Piercarlo Zedda nominated president