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traders and agents of textile raw materials

The members of this Association offer the textile industry the largest number of companies for the supply of textile raw materials, which in themselves cover 90% of the needs of the Italian market. The Italian Wool Trade Association is proud to have worked for over 90 years with the textile industry enabling it to grow and develop offering consistent supplies from qualified sources.

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88th IWTO CONGRESS VENICE (Ca’ Giustinian) - (17-04-2019)

Congress Theme Wool in Excellence

The Congress was very well attended with more than 400 participants. The content was also good with numerous excellent presentations. The Presentations are now available on the IWTO web site.


Both the President, Peter Ackroyd, and the Vice President, Piercarlo Zedda’s, terms expired, requiring them to retire from their positions. There is no doubt that that IWTO has been very well served during their periods in office.

Wolfgang Edmayr, BKB Managing Director, from South Africa is the new President; and Michael Jackson, AWTA Managing Director, from Australia is the new Vice President. Giovanni Schneider (Vice President of IWTA) is the new member of the board.

Annual Report 2019 - (04-03-2019) RELAZIONE.2018.pdf

Ordinary Annual General Meeting of April 1, 2019

Report by President Piercarlo Zedda on the activities carried out by the Association.

Report on markets and raw materials.

Convention Association- Prato June 26th 2018 - (26-06-2018)
On June 26, 2018, in the splendid setting of Villa Cappugi in Pistoia, the third annual Conference with the friends of Prato took place. Conference theme "Focus on the Prato system, sustainability and circular economy". Good participation and strong interest of the Associates and invited.

Annual Report 2018 - (20-04-2018) RELAZIONE2017.pdf

Ordinary Annual General Meeting of April 16, 2018

Report by President Piercarlo Zedda on the activities carried out by the Association.

Report on markets and raw materials.

Convention Association- Prato June 27th 2017 - (28-06-2017)

On June 27th was held at the Grand Hotel Villa Cappugi in Pistoia, a conference organized by the Association with the theme "Focus on the Prato system between present and future".

Speakers included Dt.ssa Daniela Toccafondi Councilor for Economic Policies, University and Tourism, Lido Macchioni Montini of Filatura Valfilo Srl, Riccardo Matteini of Gruppo Colle Srl, Dt.ssa Silvia Gambi of Prato Chamber of Commerce and Mauro Rossetti of the Ass. Textiles and Health.
At the end of the meeting a convivial moment followed with an aperitif and dinner in the evocative setting of the park of Villa Cappugi.

Meeting with the Prefect and the Ambassador of Australia - (13-04-2017)
On April 11th President Piercarlo Zedda met in Prefettura S.E. the Prefect Dt.ssa Annunziata Gallo and S.E. the Ambassador of Australia, Dt. Greg French, accompanied by the Dt. Fabrizio Servente of Woolmark, to whom he donated the book "The World of Animal Fibres"

Annual Report 2017 - (13-04-2017) RELAZIONE ANNO 2016.pdf

Facebook page - (27-03-2017)
We are pleased to inform you that thanks to the commitment of the "Youth Group" of Prato Niccolò Palloni and Enrico Truscelli, our Association now has a Facebook page.
Anyone wishing to visit it or post messages, information and anything else can log in by typing: Italian Wool Trade Association.

Directory Council Meeting - Prato 13 december 2016 - (13-12-2016)

Last december 13th our Association met at Villa Scarfantoni in Montemurlo (PO) form the traditional exchange of Christmas greetings and to welcome two news members, the firm EREDI of Aroldo Bettazzi S.a.s. and the fiirm Gianni Vencato Textile Agency.

Good presence of the members of Biella, Veneto, Umbria, Switzerland and France to get hold of the Prato colleagues and celebrate the event.

After the ritual greeting the President related about the last events to which our Association took part including the meeting with Prince Charles at Dumfries House in Scotland last September and the "Round Table" held in Biella on 28 and 29 November 2016.

Central Italy earthquake collection - (10-12-2016)

The President of the Biella section of the National Alpine Association Marco Fulcheri receives from the President of the Italian Wool Trade Association Piercarlo Zedda the contribution donated by the members for the earthquake that hit Central Italy.

CAMPAIGN FOR WOOL - (15-09-2016)

The first ever Dumfries House Wool Conference took place on 9 September 2016 at Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Organised by The Campaign for Wool and supported by Marks & Spencer, the event hosted the largest and most prestigiou international gathering of wool experts ever held in the United Kingdom. 

Animal welfare, sustainability and quality, environmental issues and slowing down fast-fashion were the focus of the conference agenda.

As part of the event, The Campaign for Wool and the International Wool Textile Organisation presided over the signing of The Dumfries House Wool Declaration, in which "custodians of the wool industry" ensure a commitment to protect the environment, uphold the best possible for sheep welfare, growing, trading, manufacturing and selling wool, and wool-related products at all times.

The evening before the Conference Prince Charles received at dinner the main world players in the wool industry, textile and fashion institutions, including the Australian leaders of "The Wool Mark Company", as well as an important Italian delegation of which they were in addition to Alessandro Barberis Canonico, Ercole Botto Poala, Claudio Marenzi, Paolo Zegna, Sergio Tamborini, Mattheu Briasset, Raffaello Napoleone, Carlo Capasa and the Vice President of our Association.

Directory Council Meeting 29 giugno 2016 - (29-06-2016)
On 29 June, an open board meeting was held at Grand Hotel Villa Cappugi in Pistoia.
Among the 32 participants were Dt. Daniela Toccafondi, Councilor of Economic Policies, University and Tourism, and Monia Faltoni, Councilor for Budget and Financial Planning at Prato.
With pleasure we welcomed the new Angorbrizi, Carbofin and La-Nieri Associates.
At the end of the meeting there was a convivial time with aperitif and dinner in the charming setting of the park of Villa Cappugi.

Change at the summit of the Association - (19-04-2016) New.elected.executive.committee.pdf

Annual Report 2016 - (19-04-2016) Relazione.2015.pdf

Annual Report 2015 - (13-04-2015) Relazione.definitiva.2014.pdf

Made in Biella magazine article - (01-10-2014) CommercioLaniero..pdf

Annual Report 2014 - (31-03-2014) RELAZIONEANNO2013.pdf

Annual Report 2013 - (23-04-2013) Relazione2012.pdf

Presentazione Libro "The World of animal fibres" Prato 14.11.2012 - (12-03-2013)


Presentazione Libro "The World of animal fibres" Biella 23.10.2012 - (12-03-2013)

Iwto Conference in New York 7-9 May 2012 - (18-05-2012) IWTO New York.pdf SintesiCongressoNY2012..pdf

Change at the top of the Association - (16-04-2012) Executive Committee 2012-2013.pdf

President: Mario Ferrarone

Vice Presidente: Micaela Fiorina

Meeting with the President IWTO - (14-04-2012) MeetingwiththepresidentIWTO.pdf

On 13 March 2012 a meeting was held in association with the IWTO President Mr. Peter Ackroyd, the Secretary General Elisabeth Van Delden and event coordinator Amanda Millard.


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